PhD Grants within the FCT Doctoral Program MAP-PDMA

The Program will offer 6 doctoral scholarships for the academic year 2019/20.  The grants will be awarded directly by the Portuguese funding agency FCT to the student.  The grants are renewable up to a total of 4 years.

This call is governed by the rules set in the formal announcement.

Applications for the programme and for the scholarships should be made online exclusively, at the following address:, following all instructions found there. In particular, applications must be formalised by uploading the following documents:

1. Photocopy of Identity Card/Citizen Card or Passport, Residence Permit, or other identification document in the case of foreign applicants(optional);

2. Certificates of qualifications indicating the degrees held by the applicant; if applying for a scholarship, academic degrees conferred by foreign institutions must be recognised by Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior or by a public Portuguese Higher Education Institution (for more information, see DGES)

3. Certificate of disciplines of the study programme completed by the applicant as well as the grades awarded and the respective credits;

4. Curriculum Vitae;

5. Three reference letters from professor or researchers with a Ph.D. working in an internationally recognised Higher Education Institution, sent directly by them to with subject “MAP-PDMA/applicant’s name”;

6. One motivation letter stating their scientific objectives for joining the MAP-PDMA programme, and any other document the candidate may consider relevant to the assessment of merit mentioned in the curriculum vitae

APPLICATIONS from 3rd of June to 31st of August, 2019

For more informations please contact via